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Welcome to The Selfcare Academy for Women Leaders

Our Founder.

We are an online educational experience founded by Dr. Shannon Harrington, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN, NASM-CPT, a Harvard-educated nurse with over 21 years of progressive leadership experience.  Dr. Harrington is dedicated to empowering women to attain peak success in holistic health. Through her business, T.R.Y. Again Health and Fitness, LLC, she is committed to guiding individuals on their journey of transformation and renewal. Dr. Shannon Harrington is not just a nurse scientist; she is also a certified personal trainer and avid fitness enthusiast. With diverse certifications and a wealth of experience, she has successfully trained top-level leaders across various sectors, including the military, academia, Christian community, and healthcare organizations. Her expertise focuses on building leaders who are not only strong and healthy but also capable of catalyzing transformative change within their respective organizations.

Who We Are.


The premier institution for developing healthy, transformative women leaders!


To empower and equip women to transform every area of their lives by developing the skillset and mindset required to walk in their greatness with purpose!

Core Values 

Our values steer our collective thinking and behaviors. They embody the core beliefs that support our vision, shape our culture, influence decision-making, and chart the course of our strategic direction.


  • Servant Leadership

  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Wellness

  • Growth & Continuous Improvement

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Respect

Our Students 

Our program caters to women aspiring to lead, or currently leading across diverse industries. The busy, ambitious woman who wants to prevent burnout by strategically balancing holistic self-care and personal and professional success.​

Our Leadership Pathways

Friends Taking Selfie

Self-care for Personal Growth

We provide online courses and executive coaching that help women leaders across diverse industries to develop skills and mindsets for a healthy and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Our courses focus on mindfulness, self-compassion and stress-management practices, and are designed to help you create a sustainable self-care routine that supports your growth journey.

Businesswoman with Tablet

Leadership Development for Professional Growth

Our online classes and coaching sessions provide you with the tools and strategies you need to grow as a leader, whether you're looking to advance in your career or start your own business. We offer courses in communication, transformational leadership, team-building and more, all tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Relaxing in Pool

Play-based Learning for Transformative Growth

At The Selfcare Academy for Women Leaders, we believe that play is an essential part of personal and professional growth. That's why we offer a variety of play-based activities and retreats, designed to help you tap into your creativity, develop your intuition, and unlock your full potential.

What Our Students Say...

"Dr. Shannon is a transformational leader! Her passion for coaching others is so obvious from one moment with her!  From the very first meeting with Shannon she challenged me with questions about where I would like to grow as a leader, where did I see myself not in 5 years but in 3 months, 3 weeks, and in one week. Dr. Shannon asks questions that are hard to answer but allow for growth. She gives tools to help one gain confidence by allowing us to say “this is where I want to be” and then Shannon guides and gives prompts to allow us to achieve or adapt those goals."

Dr. L. Thompson, MSN, RN, EdD

“As a female leader in a male-dominated industry, I often struggled with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. The Selfcare Academy for Women Leaders helped me to overcome these challenges and develop the confidence and skills I needed to succeed. Thank you!”

S. Grant, MBA

"Dr. Harrington gives real-time, real-life, and very real feedback. She is excellent at listening, she is a feeler, she is strong. Dr. Shannon is an expert in nursing, education, leadership, and mentoring. She has allowed me to grow as a leader without feeling threatened by growing everyone around her. She mentors others without them realizing they are being mentored. She asks us where are we going to learn, grow, stretch and lead."

M. Bryant, RN, BSN

"Dr. Shannon will motivate you. She will challenge you and the beliefs you hold. Shannon will listen, she will guide, and she will change your perspective on how far you are able to grow!.

Dr. Shannon continues to mentor me and challenge my inner doubts in what my “next” opportunity may be, she allows me to “borrow her belief in me”. My mindset of who I am and who I am as a leader has been forever changed after Shannon’s mentoring."

Dr. M. Kelly, PhD, RN 

Young Businesswomen

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”

Jim Rohn

Ready to start your growth journey?

Thanks for joining us!

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